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Have you finally had enough of cigarettes? 

Have you had enough of being a slave to cigarettes? Had enough of spending all that money? Had enough of the smell and the impact on your health? Had enough of how it is aging you. Had enough of not being in control of your life? Is it finally time to quit?
Forget about all the people that say you SHOULD stop smoking. How do YOU feel about it? If you now want to get back in the driving seat of your life then it is time to go for it. The tobacco industry have increased the addictiveness of cigarettes over the years, which is why most people find it harder to stop now than they would have done 10 years ago.

I offer a combination of Hypnosis and Kinesiology in two sessions. The first is one and a half hours and you will get a hypnosis reinforcement MP3/CD  and all the resources you need to stay stopped for good. The second session is a week later to see where it may have been difficult and target those areas specifically and is for one hour.  You will also get all the tools you need to resist the urge to replace cigarettes with food, and thereby avoid gaining weight. Hypnosis is NOT magic and for you to be successful it requires a commitment to change on your part. You may be asked to complete tasks such as committing to the programme given to beat cravings and listening to your hypnosis recording. Not undertaking them will affect the results you get.The complete cost is £90.

After over 30 years experience and extensive research MOST of my clients do get good results. I can guarantee to give 100% in every session, but I'm afraid I cannot guarantee the result. Hypnosis isn't magic. 

If you feel it's time to be free from smoking once and for all, I'd love to work with you and give
you the tools you need to kick it once and for all.

You will need two consultations one week apart and the total cost is £90 including MP3/CD.
Payment can be made in cash, cheque or direct bank transfer.

Sue Vaughan SQHP, DHH, DCN
Mobile: 07980 903 733