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I have been in practice since qualifying as psychotherapist at the National College of Psychotherapy in 1987. In 1990, I successfully completed a two-year Holistic Health diploma course with The Howell College of Holistic Health where I also attained a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. The diploma course included the study of Kinesiology, Clinical Nutrition, Iridology and Holistic Anatomy. I furthered my studies in Kinesiology with The College of Applied Kinesiology. I qualified as a NLP practitioner with The Performance Partnership in 1999. 

My book, "Finding the Stillness Within" was published by C W Daniel & Co, Ltd in 1995 and was subsequently translated into Italian, German and Chinese.

A lot of my consultations are via Skype and I have clients in the US, France and United Emirates as well as around the UK.

I have trained in a number of fields in order that I may tailor-make each therapy session for the individual client respecting that everyone has a unique psychological and physiological make-up. I am dedicated to the development of holistic health care and empowering others with the attitude and the tools with which they can take full responsibility for their health and well-being. 


"I've had a trip to the dentist, which I was able to take in my stride. I can't believe the difference! Thanks to you for your very effective treatment" (M. treated for irrational fear of dentists)

" You have given me my life back" (T. treated for lack of confidence)
"I now have more energy than I have had for years… No more falling asleep as soon as I sit down" (P. treated for blood sugar disorder)
"Hot flushes have gone now and my family have noticed the change in my moods. Thank you so much." (S. treated for menopausal symptoms)
"Life is so good without those blinding headaches. I had tried everything before but nothing else worked." (D. treated for nickel toxicity)

Sue Vaughan SQHP, DHH, DCN
 07980 903 733