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Anxiety, Phobias, Hormonal imbalances, Hay Fever, Heavy metal toxicity, Panic Attacks, Allergies, Skin problems, Depression, IBS, Menopause, Headaches, Digestive problems, Insomnia, PMT, Thrush, Eczema, Driving Test nerves, Candida and much, much more.

Honiton, Devon.

This last few years have been a difficult time for all of us one way or another. Stress of any kind has an impact on our mental and emotional well being and this in turn can affect our physical well being. Stress can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals. Also our adrenals will become depleted and with give us symptoms of anxiety (see more below). The symptoms of "long covid" are caused by nutrient deficiencies and dysfunctions caused by the virus. It is well worth considering a MOT to check out how your body has fared as well as help dealing with any residual anxiety. 

Many problems that appear to be emotional may have a physiological cause or may be a bit of both. For instance, mood swings may the symptoms of fluctuations of blood sugar levels. Anxiety/panic attacks may be adrenal fatigue* caused by excess stress. Weight gain and/or depression may be caused by an underactive thyroid. Even a simple matter of a Vitamin B6 deficiency may cause a short temper. I tackle any presenting symptom from every possible angle. That way results are achieved more quickly. Therefore, the initial consultation will often start with what many of my clients have come to call an ‘MOT’ and continue with whatever is appropriate. I use Kinesiology (see Glossary) with a comprehensive set of test kits to test for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, allergies**, hormone imbalances, dysfunctions in organs/glands and toxins (Candida, toxic metals, etc). Based on the results of the MOT, I will prescribe supplementation, diet, clear the allergies and so on. There is a plethora of supplements in the shops so it is valuable to find out what you need AND don't need.


Adrenal Fatigue is a medically recognised complaint in the US but unfortunately is largely ignored by the medical profession in the UK despite it being a very prevalent condition. The adrenals are the part of the body that adapt to stress: mental, emotional, physical, and chemical. However there is only so much they can handle before they become fatigued. When we suffer from excess stress we overtax the adrenals and among the ensuing symptoms are swings from anxiety to depression/tiredness, dizziness, less resistance to stress and what feels like exam nerves but there is no exam (butterflies in the tummy) . Another very common distressing symptom is insomnia. The good news is they are very resilient glands (I guess they have to be with what we put them through!) and respond quickly to treatment. 


Sugar addiction is a huge problem today largely due to the food industries adding sugar to practically everything: fast food, ready meals as well as the obvious foods such as ice cream, biscuits etc. For instance in one can of tomato soup there will be as much sugar as in a can of Coke (really!). All the big food manufacturers employ neuroscientists to make sure their food is addictive as possible and it is a fact that sugar is more addictive than heroin (and is more damaging to the body). Eating sugary foods sets up cravings for more so it is a difficult one to wean off. However kicking this the addiction and ensure you will live a long and healthy life. It is the main cause of obesity and Diabetes Type 2 which has its own array of problems such as heart disease, impaired immune system and eye problems. Diabetes Type 2 is reversible with diet and supplementation. It blocks the absorption of essential nutrients especially Vitamin D3 which is vital for immune health and bone strength. Long term it can cause dementia. In the US Alzheimer's is called Diabetes type 3 because that is where it goes.


I can test for allergies to: pollens, moulds, animal furs, environmental pollution, fragrances, dusts, textiles and food. Once I have identified the allergens I implement a non invasive technique which stimulates the beginning and end points of the major meridians in the body to actually clear the allergies. It sounds fanciful but I have been using this technique for over 30 years with excellent results. 

If there are no physiological elements contributing to the presenting problem and it appears to be solely an emotional problem or addiction, I will use a combination of Hypnotherapy, and Kinesiology to address the issues. I will also supply Hypnotherapy CDs or MP3s at no extra cost. Check out the Glossary for a full description of the therapies I use. 


I have successfully dealt with a very wide range of Phobias including flying, hospital visits, dentists, boats, public speaking, injections, bees, driving, needles, choking, snakes, spiders, dogs and many more. Phobias are usually dealt with in 2/3 sessions. 


The fee for each consultation is £60. Payment  can be made with cash or direct bank transfer. 

Sue Vaughan SQHP, DHH, DCN
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